It was great! Solved my driving problem right away!
Great help.
-Pat P.
 Learned a lot on my grip, the way I stand, swing. Jeff was very helpful. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their game. Thanks for the help.
-Jim C.
Time well spent. He gave me a drill to help me from flipping my lead hand which in turn helped me turn through the ball. Will definitely seek out Grant Shafranski for more help in the future.
-Gary J.
My wife and I are avid golfers but lack the consistency that we want. We are both competitive people and feel that we should be much better golfers than we are. Needless to say, Mike has given us hope that we can soon shoot the scores that we are looking for!
-Patrick W.
 Had my 1st lesson with Mike Hinton yesterday, to say I was a mess before is an understatement. My ball was all over the place, but more often than not I was going right with a very bad slice. Mike changed everything about my stance, address and swing plane…a complete make over with instant improvement. I need a lot of reps to develop consistency but after one session I’m hitting it straight and even with a little draw. I’ll definitely be back for a few more sessions.
-Kris U.
Had a good first lesson with Grant, who did a nice job explaining his teaching approach and giving me some quick drills after some initial review of my swing. I’m looking forward to more lessons. Only suggestion would be to write out a quick summary of the lesson, provide some takeaway goals to work on until next time.
Seen improvement within the first 15 minutes
-Branden P.
I decided it was time to stop trying to figure out how to get rid of my hook that has been plaguing me for two years now. I read Mike Hinton’s profile and decided to give him a try. I was not disappointed with my decision. He watched me warm up a little and then came up to me and said we will fix that hook quickly, and he wasn’t lying. We watched a short video of my swing and he explained what I was doing and then explained what I needed to do to correct the fault. Went back out to the range and with a few minutes of instruction and a couple drills I was hitting the ball straight again!! AMAZING!!! I was on the verge of giving up the game because it was not fun for me with the high scores and always playing out of the trees and losing so many balls. I will continue my lessons with him, the way I see it I can only get better in my game from here on out. With lessons from him and practicing the drills he recommends, I feel like I will break into the 80’s this season (I’ve been playing in the 100-110 area once I inherited the hook from a previous instructor). Couldn’t be happier and I highly recommend Mike Hinton!!
April 5 – First Lesson
-Rob B.
I arrived and Grant was already there to greet me. Overall, a pleasant experience and no pressure or drastic measures of changing my existing swing. Grant provided good tips and what to avoid. Within minutes, already showed some improvement with striking the ball. Now, it’s just a matter of remembering to maintain the right motion. Really wanting to improve my game this season – and I think going this route for lessons (finally), is a good start. Looking forward to upcoming sessions when we can finally see some green grass! Thanks Grant.
First Ever Lesson.
-Mateo C.
Had a great lesson today with Mike Hinton. Very quickly improved my grip and swing immediately correcting some life long problems. I liked Mike‘s approach of not trying to reinvent me but to make corrections within my existing capability. I would definitely recommend Mike!
Video Diagnosis Excellent.
-Brian M.
Mike Hinton videoed my swing, then we sat down and did some comparison work. He makes an audio of that session, and I can review that anytime online or on my phone using the Mpls Golf Academy web site. These are exceptional tools that have allowed me to get a solid idea of the corrections Mike is making. Mike is a solid teacher who is working within my current swing to make corrections, not trying to change everything I am doing. Much easier for me to make these incremental changes. Mike gets 5 stars!
-Jeff C.