Kevin Madden, Golf Instructor

Golf Fitness Specialist – NASM
Certified Personal Trainer – NASM
Corrective Exercise Specialist – NASM

Kevin MaddenKevin is from Roseville, MN where he grew up playing hockey and lacrosse his two passions. He parlayed his sports background into a golf career here at Life Time Athletic. He’s currently the Golf Instructor and Golf Fitness Specialist here at Life Time Golf Club.

His teaching philosophy is basic fundamentals. He emphasizes an athletic set-up position with good posture to improve balance, control, and consistency. This will create a more efficient move with a square clubface at impact. In training, he focuses on improving balance, flexibility (range of motion) and injury prevention. This will help you overcome physical limitations and correct swing flaws.

Lessons/Fitness for Golfers

Individual Lessons/Training

One lesson – $60/hr
Golf Fitness – $69 30m fitness/30 min lesson

One lesson – $70/hr
Golf Fitness- $79 30m fitness/30 min lesson

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